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Friday, June 1, 2007

been sick and busy...

So sorry I have not been on in awhile. While recovering from my surgery which went quite well my daughter was sick …..and as usual it was over the holiday weekend. At first it did not seem prudent to run off to a doctor right off the bat. It seemed like a run of the mill regular sore throat. But by Monday ( when the doctors were still closed ) her tonsils had swelled to a size unfathomable to me and she could no longer swallow her own spit. Her airway was getting slowly squeezed as well so by nightfall we went to the hospital emergency. Oddly enough many others were there with similar problems and though others were tested for things other then strep, my daughter was merely tested for the strep itself. They gave her pain medication and a shot which drastically reduced the swelling but no diagnoses of strep which honestly I didn’t think it was considering despite the swelling there was no redness in her throat however there was pus and lots of it. The more her tonsils swelled the more pus there was. I stayed by her side that night fearfull of her tonsils reswelling and blocking her airway but the shot apparently did work to some extent. I had to hurry the next morning to get her medication. When I came back and woke her up her Uvula had swollen up to a mammouth size causing her to gag repetively because it touched her tongue and topside of her throat going down. She was however gratefully able to swallow so she took the medicene, Tylenol and cold medicene which all helped it go back to normal size in a few hours. By the end of the day her tonsils were still swollen but not so bad as before. I had not been able to get her to the docter that day as he wasn’t in so we made the appointment for the next day. To my surprise she had Mono. Three other people had been tested for mono when we had been at the ER but they didn’t test her and should have if they had had any common sense considering we described every single freaken symptom to mono to them. So that was it. She didn’t need medication after all since there is none that effects mono but the numbing medication and Tylenol had helped her during that time instead. My sweet little girl had an enlarged spleen to boot. Anyway she is doing a bit better. The throat swells up on and off but not nearly so bad as we keep Tylenol and cold medicene in her to help that. She is sleeping a lot….LOL, well she is a teenager to and works at a real job and babysits so I think that would be normal either way.

My first day after surgery was my best. I slept the whole damned day. I wont see another day like that for a few years,lol. I had some minor problems with headaches and dizzyness even though I wasn’t taking medication ( and I was right, your only not supposed to drive if your still taking the medication ) and one of the four incisions got a small infection so it was a BITCH to move around. I otherwise was fine. The doctor thought maybe the headache was a latent effect of the surgery from the drugs they use. Im rather sensitive to most of them. Each day was better but not completely. Today was the first honest day I felt more myself since the surgery. The infection is going away on its own and my headache has eased up a lot more.

Ive also started the process of quitting smoking. Not cold turkey but Ive cut my habit in half thus so far. A little bit more and I should be able to go cold turkey without to much trouble.
Next week I have to get my daughter to get a state issued ID or her permit just so she can cash her paychecks, I have four of them thus so far waiting that she cant put in the bank or cash without proper ID, LOL. Then were opening up her a bank account and I have to bring the dog to the vet which is an hour away and whatever else will just fall in my lap to do outside my work. I will be around but busy so not enough time for the computer surfing and stuff, that is if my jetlag from the surgery keeps up which lets up a bit each day slightly more and more but not enough, LOL.

No spanking fun or discipline naturally this past two weeks and hopefully not for at least another week when I feel more myself and less jetlagged.

Monday, May 28, 2007

under the weather

Sorry folks but it will probably be a few more days before Im back online and keeping up with my blog. I have been feeling way under the weather and cant seem to shake it. Hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

triple meme

Triple Meme
Reesa tagged me
Three Things That Scare Me:
the thought of my family getting sick bad or hurt
Bad drivers
Having surgery
and sometimes the thought of listening to my husbands snores every night for the rest of my life...lol

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
My husband
My kids
Most Italian new jersey people

Three Things I Love:
My husband
My kids
My friends
Three Things I Hate/Severely Dislike:
Bad Drivers, especially ones that think they are God and want to control traffic by going to slow and preventing traffic from passing thereby making More traffic and causing accidents with people who are not expecting the sudden halt in the traffic flow and tailgators

People that pop gum incessantly, tap fingernails or pens, its totally disruptive and disgusting to hear someone popping gum

People that blare their music so loud from their car or house it can be heard for half a mile around….that’s just plain rude forcing other people to have to listen to someone’s junk and at such a high volume
Three Things I Don’t Understand
Men…need I really explain more?
People that take one or two psychology courses and think they can diagnose people after that

Peoples need to lie and deceive one another which is shameless to do to a spouse

Three Things On My Desk:
my camera , a back scratcher, my green tea which I drink all the time instead of soda
Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:
smoking a cigarrette
Watching tv
Writing this of course
Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
See my children’s children grow up get married and have children and be successful
help my family and friends and others however I can which I do as often as I am able, make them happy
Write and publish my novel (non spanking)going to Tahiti would be a nice plus to
Three Things I Can Do:
sing soprano and yell louder than most people
Draw murals and people
Organize and banking, I love organization and I don’t spend money unless Im pissed at my husband which is really rare
Three Things I Can’t Do:
quit smoking (but Im trying )
Have patience to deal with rude people
Deal with cold air
Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
Your s/o and yourself
Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
Gossip! And politicians
People with negative attitudes.
Songs with bad messages. And voices if you hear them when others cant which I seriously hope you dont
Three Things I’d Like To Learn:
cosmetology (Im going to school for it in September)
How to have more patience with my husband and kids
How to ride a motorcycle
Three Favorite Foods:
Chinese fried rice
Strawberry and bannanas

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
Brady Bunch
love boat
Three Things I Regret:nothing, everything leads to something positive and for a reason. I have all that I ever wanted so I can not regret any moment that led me to this point in time

Three People I Tag:Bonnie, PK, cindy and David

Thursday, May 24, 2007

post op update

All I can say is Ouch. Just had my gallbladder out. Surgery went well. It was more a pain in the ass just getting discharged. I could have stayed overnight but I didn’t feel it necessary. The biggest pain in the ass outside of that is the pain from the air stuck up in my shoulder. Some of it has dissipated but not all. They gave me pain medicine but I only took it once. All in all it is tolerable and I hate drugs effects so I avoid them as much as possible. As long as I don’t move to much it doesn’t hurt so Ive rested most of today which is driving me bonkers now.

My husband stayed home to take care of me today. For some unknown reason he thought I was being bitchy but personally I think we have total different views on what exactly bitchy is. Disagreeing about something is not being bitchy….its disagreeing on some point of interest.,like my 15 year old daughter needs a ride to work and back and since my husband will be at work I can take it slow and be careful and do it even though the docter said I shouldnt drive for a week which in itself Im not sure why especially since I wont be on medication. Oh well. Ok well I will try to post more later on this week after Im feeling more up to it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

take charge

So a take command fellow is so sexy but when might it be to much? Ive seen a few situations where it was in excess and just deplorable. Not abusive but all the same nauseating. I love my husband to take charge but I will have to admit there has to be a line to be drawn and gratefully in our case we have never had to cross that line.

I heard once of one case where the HOH picked the meals and even though one particular meal made the wife sick( shrimp calamari ) the only other option for her was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This is an example of excess. If I had a husband trying to force me to eat something or given only one other option Id have a old fashioned skillet frying pan upside his head, excluding his help for health reasons and healthy eating choices only. Either that or Id give a few dashes of something to give him the horrible shits every time he ate his beloved meal. I will listen to my husband but only if it has reason and logic that is clearly understandable. The point is HOH does not mean dictatorship either. Take charge by all means but never forget HOH is still an equal to his submissive and Nothing but a regular human being.

A bottom/submissive/wife/etc. is Not a sub class nor should be treated as such.
I think many men may even confuse dictatorship with taking charge thereby hurting any DD process to prosper harmoniously or effectively. Mind you Im not saying the wife doesn’t make mistakes but the point at this time is deciphering what your needs are ….dictating or taking charge and not to confuse the two.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nascar spanking

Damn my ass hurts and I didn’t even get spanked! Here is a sure fire way to get that after spanked feeling. Sit in the car three hours then sit on a hard small seat at the Winston Nascar Race for four hours then drive back home another three hours and your ass is sure to hurt! LOL
The race was a blast though very tiresome by the time we were going home.

My husband is not spanking me in the next few days to avoid any bruising which I don’t normally get but just in case he wants to avoid the issue since I am having surgery Wednesday so I will be spank free for a bit until I recover from that.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Calling all Doms.....

Well obviously people can be creative when it comes to situating one’s DD life harmoniously. It is not however a fantasy that one lives out like in a romantic book. Id be worried about people that did as its simply not realistic or logical. All humans, Man and woman are meant to err and if life were so good as in romance novels we certainly wouldn’t need to read them or watch them on TV. DD in reality can be complex as it is simple oddly enough. Complex as it is confusing fitting it into our lives in a very liberated modern era so unlike the common version of old era days of DD fantasies.

I like talking to other likeminded folks just because I find it fascinating in the vast differences we all live. And it never fails to amuse me the differences in the male thinking and female thinking. I like to ask questions of the guys sometimes only if to try to understand…which will never happen but all the same is amusing. I once met with a male dom friend along with my husband. After a few minutes of a lovely friendly conversation I asked in his opinion had I done anything wrong in that short time. He raised his eyebrows and said ‘yes’. I was a bit startled as I replayed back everything in my mind recollecting nothing that would be offensive or wrong. I asked what and he said I had been rude when at a time I had only been being playful and making a joke. This made me wonder how my own husband thought and on occasion I will ask him the same. On days we had a perfectly tranquil beautiful time I am surprised he sees reason to spank me and yet never mentions. But then he also thinks I should be spanked for trying to tickle him which makes utterly no logical sense to me. it’s a difference of opinion and one that I respect however. Its interesting to me how differently the male mind thinks from the female and utterly fascinating that more so in the inner workings of a true Dom.

If I understood perfectly would that change who I am? I don’t think so. My Main interest I think is because I like to communicate better, be me without changing me but respect my HOH and his needs to or changing him at the same time. Another interest I have in speaking to other Doms/HOH’s/etc is learning why they are so comfortable with it where others are not - which is another key to success in a DD relationship. From what I have seen with real friends online, in real life, other frequent similar stories, etc. A new HOH generally isn’t comfortable in their new role and isn’t sure what it takes to be so. Its exciting new and interesting but all the same many remain clueless or confused as to what to do to best fit the relationship which is an integral part to making the DD work well in your home and the truth is there really isnt anything sexier than a man confident in his own leadership and HOH abilities.

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